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a few words. April 25, 2010

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it’s been about a week since i started this whole thing.  and no,  i haven’t given up on doing this, even though i haven’t posted anything since last weekend (and the blog has only had about 11 views in the history of its life).  it has just been a very busy week (think end of the school year for a first year teacher + i’m in the process of moving)

so today, when i had [no] time to waste, i sat down i wrote up the wording for our invitations.

here goes. (with a few minor changes of anything personal)

Life is a journey.  We’re traveling the rest together.

Bride to be’s name &

Groom to be’s name

together with their families

invite you to share in the joy

of their wedding day

as best friends become husband and wife

Saturday, the ninth of October

two-thousand and ten

at two o’clock in the afternoon

Insert location

and address of location


Food and festivities to follow.

We are making the invitations ourselves, so this should be a fun process.  the wording (once i decide officially that i like it that way)  will be printed on vellum which will be ribboned to a fantastic sheet of textured paper with pieces of real lavender sewn through it.  Beneath the words, we are using a rubber stamp embossing tool to put an old fashioned bicycle on all of the invitations.  We are going with a traveling theme, in case you couldn’t tell.

Cost of invitations:  3 boxes of 50 invitations at $17 each.  This includes the textured paper, vellum to be printed on, ribbon to tie the two together, large envelopes to send everything in, reply cards, and return envelopes for reply cards. I’d say I got a steal of a deal.  And at Staples of all places.   Also $4 for the embossing ink, and $5 each for 2 bottles of embossing powder.  We are getting the invitations printed for free at the fiance’s father’s print shop (yay!)

Total cost:  about $65 before postage!  Cost efficient? I think so!

Side note: The wording looks much better typed up in a wedding-like font.  Promise. 🙂  (There are TONS of free wedding fonts-just google it if you are making your own!)