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in progress. April 20, 2010

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these words describe so much my entire life right now.

but more specifically-this project.

we aren’t exactly sure what the centerpieces will look like, but we bought these old vases at a miracle hill thrift store.

all different colors before, these vases have taken on a new life with a few coats of glossy white spray paint.

fake milk glass, anyone?  the plan as of now is to secure some large manzanita branches in them, and cover the top of whatever we secure them with with moss.

one of the best parts:  when we got to the counter, we found out that most of the vases (priced at $2.50 and under originally) were 50% off!)  We bought 12 for around $18 and two cans of spray paint at $3 each.  hello lovely centerpieces!


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