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mark 1 off the list. April 18, 2010

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of about a million things to do.

So I have been diligently searching for dresses for my bridesmaids since my fiance and I got engaged in January.  The past few weeks, I have felt like I am in crunch time as far as having time for dresses to come in and making sure they fit all of my girls (I have 8 girls of various sizes in my wedding party!!). I played with the idea of dresses from somewhere like David’s Bridal (these can take months to come in) or another online catalogue.  The problem is, my wedding is going to be in a barn, so I want something nice but casual.  Also, I have girls from several states so it has to be something that can be ordered.

after hours and hours of searching, I found nothing.  luckily, I have a patient and thrifty mom who found these:

and a closer shot:

the best part?  The dresses are $49 and can totally be worn again! they are coming from newport news. who would have thought of that?


One Response to “mark 1 off the list.”

  1. so update on the dress. i found a promo code that knocked 12.25 off the price. talk about a good deal!

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