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winner! July 2, 2010

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so i’ve mentioned before-i really enjoy am obsessed with reading wedding blogs.    well, my endless hours have payed off!  besides giving me some awesome ideas, i actually was the winner of a weekly giveaway!!  thanks to RuffledBlog and HelloLucky! my guests will be receiving these awesome save-the-dates.  cute right?? i’m stoked.


help! June 20, 2010

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111 days.

i don’t even know what i’m supposed to be doing right now! yikes!

i’m just ready for it to be here…but i have so much to do before then!


the shoes. May 31, 2010

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i finally found them. the perfect shoes to go with my wedding dress.

also, i plan on wearing this beautiful locket.  

i know a few people who might have a stroke at how non-traditional our wedding is going to be.

does anyone know a doctor i can invite, just in case?


a few words. April 25, 2010

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it’s been about a week since i started this whole thing.  and no,  i haven’t given up on doing this, even though i haven’t posted anything since last weekend (and the blog has only had about 11 views in the history of its life).  it has just been a very busy week (think end of the school year for a first year teacher + i’m in the process of moving)

so today, when i had [no] time to waste, i sat down i wrote up the wording for our invitations.

here goes. (with a few minor changes of anything personal)

Life is a journey.  We’re traveling the rest together.

Bride to be’s name &

Groom to be’s name

together with their families

invite you to share in the joy

of their wedding day

as best friends become husband and wife

Saturday, the ninth of October

two-thousand and ten

at two o’clock in the afternoon

Insert location

and address of location


Food and festivities to follow.

We are making the invitations ourselves, so this should be a fun process.  the wording (once i decide officially that i like it that way)  will be printed on vellum which will be ribboned to a fantastic sheet of textured paper with pieces of real lavender sewn through it.  Beneath the words, we are using a rubber stamp embossing tool to put an old fashioned bicycle on all of the invitations.  We are going with a traveling theme, in case you couldn’t tell.

Cost of invitations:  3 boxes of 50 invitations at $17 each.  This includes the textured paper, vellum to be printed on, ribbon to tie the two together, large envelopes to send everything in, reply cards, and return envelopes for reply cards. I’d say I got a steal of a deal.  And at Staples of all places.   Also $4 for the embossing ink, and $5 each for 2 bottles of embossing powder.  We are getting the invitations printed for free at the fiance’s father’s print shop (yay!)

Total cost:  about $65 before postage!  Cost efficient? I think so!

Side note: The wording looks much better typed up in a wedding-like font.  Promise. 🙂  (There are TONS of free wedding fonts-just google it if you are making your own!)


in progress. April 20, 2010

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these words describe so much my entire life right now.

but more specifically-this project.

we aren’t exactly sure what the centerpieces will look like, but we bought these old vases at a miracle hill thrift store.

all different colors before, these vases have taken on a new life with a few coats of glossy white spray paint.

fake milk glass, anyone?  the plan as of now is to secure some large manzanita branches in them, and cover the top of whatever we secure them with with moss.

one of the best parts:  when we got to the counter, we found out that most of the vases (priced at $2.50 and under originally) were 50% off!)  We bought 12 for around $18 and two cans of spray paint at $3 each.  hello lovely centerpieces!


mark 1 off the list. April 18, 2010

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of about a million things to do.

So I have been diligently searching for dresses for my bridesmaids since my fiance and I got engaged in January.  The past few weeks, I have felt like I am in crunch time as far as having time for dresses to come in and making sure they fit all of my girls (I have 8 girls of various sizes in my wedding party!!). I played with the idea of dresses from somewhere like David’s Bridal (these can take months to come in) or another online catalogue.  The problem is, my wedding is going to be in a barn, so I want something nice but casual.  Also, I have girls from several states so it has to be something that can be ordered.

after hours and hours of searching, I found nothing.  luckily, I have a patient and thrifty mom who found these:

and a closer shot:

the best part?  The dresses are $49 and can totally be worn again! they are coming from newport news. who would have thought of that?


Well, hello friend.

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So…how to begin this? I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for some time.  And I can’t lie...Julie and Julia (you know, the movie?) made me want to do this even more. I mean, Meryl Streep and Amy Adams together in quirky comedy-what more could you want?? But what could I write about that might make someone want to visit my blog more than once?

Then one day it hit me.  A wedding blog! I’m obsessed with them. I check 3 different wedding blogs daily, sometimes multiple times.  Sad, I know.  But I love it.  And as a soon-to-be bride myself-why not share this exciting once in a lifetime experience with someone else?

I’m getting married on October 9th to my best friend.  Yes, that’s LESS THAN 6 months away!

So here’s the challenge:

With the help of my mom and sister (my maid-of honor) I am going to create a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted wedding.

We have 3 brains, 6 months, and about $10,000 to pull it off. (For those of you who don’t know, the average american wedding costs $20 grand +)

I would like to share some of my successes, and probably some of my not-so-great ideas.  Since this is a group project, why not let everyone share?  So my mom and sister will be blogging through the adventure too.

Here’s to a fun six months! Cheers!

-the bride